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1500 Broadway, Suite 904
Lubbock, TX 79401
TNI Telecom Inc.
TNI Telecom provides deployment, rollout and break fix solutions for hospitality, retail, c-store and entertainment industry. Our field techs are experienced with certified testing tools. We cover 43,000 zip codes, 600 major markets in North America. Our data center support division is equipped with 1 GIG RFC2544 testing equipment and skill set.

• Site Surveys
• D-Marc Extensions
• Pots Lines, T1, DSL, Cellular Backup
• POS, AV, Digital Signage, Cameras, Printers
• Router, Firewall, Switches
• Data Center Support
• National Rollout, Deployment Solutions

Visit our website:
TNI Telecom Inc. | 1500 Broadway, Suite 904 Lubbock, TX 79401 USA | 214x-396x-8324
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