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1940 East Deere Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Island Pacific USA
At Island Pacific we have over 35 years of experience delivering software solutions across the entire scope of retail operations. From the creation of initial plans, merchandise and inventory management, warehousing, financials, omnichannel solutions, mobile and fixed counter POS and more. We’re committed to building solutions that give you the opportunity to drive revenue from new sources, from web, mail order, retail bricks-and-mortar as well as business to business sales opportunities such as franchisee and wholesale. We know the importance of increasing loyalty and growing your share of your customers’ investment in your brand. Our solution has been implemented by over 600 global brands and across over 50,000 points of sale worldwide.
Island Pacific USA | 1940 East Deere Avenue, Suite 200 Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA | 800x-994x-3847
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